Connect Sage to iPhones or Android

More and more magic5 users are taking advantage of our Sage connector.

Orders and invoices are managed using Sage’s accounting expertise while work and reports are handled by magic5.

For example, an online order feeds into Sage, creating a pick list and managing the invoicing process.  The driver receives a list of deliveries in their magic5 app for iPhone or Android and picks up their loaded vehicle.  At each drop, they use magic5 to record any discrepancies (which are immediately sent back to the office for processing in Sage) and obtain signatures and/or photos for verification.  The magic5 portal allows office staff to handle problems or queries, getting real-time notification of completed or failed deliveries and re-scheduling/re-allocating to another day/run.


Another example might be more job based with office staff recording requests for an on-site engineer in Sage.  The job downloads to the magic5 app on iPhone or Android for the engineer to undertake, recording costs such as timesheets or materials on the spot.  Once complete, a report of the work is returned to the magic5 office portal and passes costs back to Sage for invoicing and customer account management.

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