The creator of magic5 is Andrew Sinclair.  Andrew started working with mobile devices in 1997 just as Microsoft’s new Pocket PCs were about to be launched and the Palm Pilot was the most recognisable mobile device.  He worked on the world’s first enterprise synchronisation product which allowed corporate e-mail and databases to be accessible from early PDAs.  After 9 years of working on applications for organisations like O2, Orange, British Airways and Texaco, Andrew set about creating magic5.  Andrew’s vision was to replace paper forms with mobile devices while keeping it affordable for small organisations as well as large corporations.  
Back in 1997 Andrew and his colleagues used to predict that “one day everybody will have devices like this” and how right they were!   Mobile phones and tablets are even more central to most people’s lives than anyone could possibly have envisioned, and magic5 software is still innovating to meet business needs.
Frances joined the magic5 software team permanently in 2013 to deal with day-to-day technical issues, document magic5 and manage administrative tasks.  
Frances has a background in database design, traditional software development and Microsoft Office.  She assists with creating output documents, preparing paper forms to be used on a device, and technical documentation as well as company administration.
Caroline joined the magic5 software team in 2015 bringing hands-on experience of administrating a mobile workforce and a fresh perspective to our sales and marketing strategies.  
Her in-depth understanding of the day-to-day issues faced by potential and existing magic5 customers means that Caroline can help the tech team to ‘keep it real’ and communicate the concrete benefits of a magic5 system to anyone unsure about signing up.
Michael has joined the team as a software developer to spearhead development for iPhones and iPads.  
He brings the youthful understanding of device use and cross-platform experience with an incisive and tenacious approach to smoothing out any problems he encounters.