Ten reasons to love the magic5 app and portal

  1. Paperwork can be completed and sent to the customer before you’ve even left the site
    An onsite operative can collect essential information (including photos) and have it automatically emailed to the client before leaving the site. This facilitates discussion with the customer and speedy invoicing.

    One of our customers tell us that they complete an inspection survey whilst up on the roof and tap save, sending off the report.  By the time they are back on the ground the client’s admin team are already viewing a PDF report of the survey, complete with photos.
  2. Hundreds of users every day
    magic5 software has been used every day by hundreds of companies since 2005, generating millions of electronic reports with hundreds of gigabytes of photos.

    Some magic5 customers have been so impressed they’ve white-badged it for their own industry.
  3. We care about our customers
    Corny, but true – we really do care about whether you are getting the best from our software.  It’s not only because we are lovely – if you are getting good results you will find ways to use magic5 for other areas of your business and you will say good things about us to other people.

    Our support is friendly and helpful so you don’t need to worry about contacting us if you’re having problems – when we solve your problem, we learn how to prevent the next person from having that problem at all.
  4. There is probably a company like yours already using magic5 software
    This means there is a good chance we have already set up the system you need for someone else. Our customers operate in many different industries and we’ve learnt that, while everyone does things a bit differently, many core processes and requirements are the same.
  5. magic5 is always evolving because we want to make our customers happy and we get excited about developing new features. So let us know what you need and we’ll let you know whether we think it would be a good addition.
  6. magic5 is flexible and customisable
    If you need something, magic5 can usually do it. If you need to link to another app (accountancy or CRM) we can make that happen
  7. We’re a family business and are always keen to please
    We won’t take you for granted or try to squeeze more and more money out of you like some of the large software companies. Each of our customers is important to us and very few have left.
  8. Frequent updates
    We’re not tied into a yearly release cycle or rigid product plans. If we need to update your system then we can do it as soon is practical.
  9. We enjoy solving problems
    It’s true. Even when not at work we all enjoy puzzles (not just Wordle but Quordle and Worldle) so tell us your problems (work related only) and we’ll start figuring out a solution.
  10. Spanning the whole project life cycle
    Many business apps are available nowadays but magic5 is the only one to integrate customer management with jobsheets and automatically sent out reports while sending details to an accounting system. And that is a simplified view as many customers have recurring jobs or projects that continue for years with multiple checkpoints or customer log-ins.