Graphs make data look attractive

magic5 have been working with ClicData to display results collected on-site in a graphical form.

Give your customers and managers a login so you don’t have to prepare your periodic reports.

Data is usually based on released reports so you can sanity-check the figures first if you like.

Detailed data can be gathered up into a tabbed binder, complete with overview.

Powerful aggregation and transformations means data can be combined and displayed in pretty much any for you like.  Such as

  • columns,
  • bars,
  • pies,
  • scatters,
  • funnels,
  • treemaps,
  • gauges,
  • maps
  • and pivot tables.

Interactive graphs are even better

Date selectors give snapshots for the period that matters most to you and your customers – select from the presets or enter specific dates.

Clicking on charts can open data tables for viewing and/or exporting, or lead into further dashboards.

Give us a call (0117 9712050) or email to discuss how this might work for you.